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Begin with the end in mind

On the train from Bristol to London, there’s a woman sitting behind me and I can’t help zoning into her conversation. ‘I really struggle with those morning meetings, what does he actually want me to do?’

How does it feel to leave a morning meeting with no idea of what you’re meant to do for the rest of the day? Not a great feeling to have no direction, no vision and no trust in your leader or manager.

My next thought is what was that manager thinking going into the meeting? What did he do and say? And what did this woman need to hear to leave feeling more purposeful and inspired?

Sometimes when we’re under pressure, our agenda takes over in what we want and need, and so we forget who we’re meant to be leading and supporting. We don’t spot our team’s reactions and we forget to check for clarity, understanding and next steps.

‘Begin with the end in mind’ (by Stephen Covey) is a simple and powerful phrase I often use, professionally and domestically, to reset myself and move towards a better outcome.

Before your next meeting, engage a more purposeful mindset by imagining what an effective meeting would look like, consider what you want your team to think, feel and do differently, and decide the key steps to get there.

Begin with the end in mind.

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