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The power of 3

My old school mates are still my best mates. To celebrate being back together again, post covid, we treated ourselves to a 5km ‘Tough Mudder’ run full of obstacles and challenges, followed by wining and dining.

At the start of every obstacle, a sign read ‘the power of 3’ and I soon realised what this meant. The power of 3 meant a pyramid, where one person reached higher on the shoulders of two others. Climbing high walls, reaching the top of slippery slides and navigating dark, wet tunnels was only possible with the help, encouragement and experience of 2 others, either friends or strangers.

Like many during Covid, I’ve experienced personal loss and it’s been really tough. But by reaching out, confiding in others and professional support, I’m finding my way out of the darkness.

Don’t struggle on your own.

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