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The space between.

I was listening to the radio recently and Japanese gardens were being discussed, specifically how the space between plants, water and rocks engages the imagination and creates connection. Which made me think about the space between words when we speak.

Sometimes when we talk to audiences, we can feel nervous, we can speak quicker and if panic really sets in, we speak even faster, silence becomes scary and self-doubt takes over, it’s a slippery slope.

But what happens if we re-think the space between words (like the space between in Japanese gardens) as moments to connect with our audience and engage their imagination? Sounds contradictory but pausing after an impactful phrase or sentence can help speaker and listener to think much better.

If we think of pausing as valuable time to stop and think, especially in the busy world we live in, how much more memorable could we be? How much more confident could we appear?

Like Japanese gardens, let the space between help you engage and connect better.

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