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What gets in the way of asking for feedback?

Today I was stopped in my tracks by something simple and powerful.

I was working with the brilliant Lee Sheldon from MMU and a group of senior leaders at a well-known retail brand. We were practicing challenging conversation scenarios, where as an ex actor I often use my ‘role playing’ skill so managers and leaders can practice their communication skills in a safe space, and receive instant feedback on how they come across. Feedback shows this is participants’ most memorable part of the day, even if they’re sometimes nervous beforehand!

But today was different. At the end of one of the conversations, the participant asked me, I was playing the disengaged report, what feedback I could give her on how the meeting went? I was stopped in my tracks because this never happens! It showed a strong desire to receive feedback (something we’re often too scared to ask for), it showed deep trust in my perception of how she came across and it showed that whatever role we have, whether top, bottom, left or right, we’re always learning.

I wanted to share this experience because it’s stayed with me and aligns with my firm belief that the key to a healthy organisation is a culture where feedback is welcomed and celebrated.

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